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Why Choose Us?

  • Registered Professional Engineering Company Since 2004
  • Retained in over 200 Litigations for Clients around the World
  • Our Experts are recognized by over 260 individual Patents, and over 130 Publications
  • Providing an International Network of Skilled Technical Consultants for Our Clients
  • Our Team of Skilled Technical Experts Have over 400 years of combined experience
  • Providing Technical Excellence in a Vast Variety of Fields Including Engineering, Sciences, and Biotechnology

Intellectual Property Expert Witness

From Texas and Singapore to You Since 1988

In need of Intellectual Property Expert Witness’ services? Searching for professional guidance with regards to patent licensing? Want technical consultation for your patent portfolio? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then McAlexander Sound is here for you! We provide all those services and much more. For more than 25 years, our technical experts have served businesses all across the globe, right from our offices in Texas and Singapore. With our qualifications and experience, we know we can offer your business the best when it comes to technical testimony, as well as management and protection services for your intellectual property.

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Our intellectual property management services include:

Why choose us?

As a registered professional engineering company since 2004, we have been retained in more than 200 litigations for clients around the world. Our team consists of skilled technical experts who have more than 350 years of combined experience in their respective field of expertise and have created more than 260 individual patents and more than 130 publications in their name. We have an international presence and provide an international network of skilled technical consultants.

We offer expert witness services for the following areas:

International Presence for Litigation

Our position in the international domain also benefits our clients by giving them the advantage of accessing a global network of skilled technical consultants. This way, you not only succeed locally or nationally, but internationally, as well! Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that McAlexander Sound has the litigation skills you need to succeed. Although we have locations in Texas and Singapore, our litigation presence is worldwide.

McAlexander Sounds provides the following litigation services:

Sound Answers & Sound Advice

Let McAlexander Sound take care of your Intellectual Propety... You can find out more about the services we can offer you with a free initial consultation. You deserve the best in expert witness consulting, patent licensing, and intellectual property management, and we can give you just that! Our technical experts at McAlexander Sound have years of experience and are more than willing to provide professional testimony and other services to make sure your business stays on top!

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